About Us

Empowering & Uplifting Seniors

At Berkeley Senior Services, our mission is to offer a network of services enabling seniors to remain independent, participating members of our community.

We are committed to cultivating a community where seniors can flourish, caregivers are supported, and connections are built. Through our services, we aim to enhance the overall well-being of seniors, providing them the resources, care, and compassion they need to thrive in their golden years.

We pledge to serve with integrity, empathy, and dedication, affirming every day that age is just a number and life’s richness is timeless.


meet our Staff Members

Amy Orndoff

Executive Director

Autumn Priller

Executive Assistant


Lazan Rogers

Finance Director

Mark Cave

Finance Assistant

Life Enrichment

Angel Savering

Life Enrichment Manager

Brunetta Halmon

Life Enrichment Assistant

Patty Pennington

Life Enrichment Aide

Caregiver Support Services

Katherine Donovan

Caregiver Support Services Manager

Kathleen Mehaffie

Caregiver Support Services Assistant


Denise Baker

Nutrition Manager

Tara Carr

Nutrition Assistant

In Home Care

Lisa Savoy, RN

In Home Care Manager

Laura Henton, RN

Case Manager

Angie Rogers

In Home Care Supervisor

Victoria Blue

In-Home Care Coordinator


Rhonda Singer

Transportation Supervisor


Yvonne Sinclair-Brown

Outreach Assistant